1. What is America SCORES New York? 


ASNY is a non-profit organization that serves as a driving force in promoting fair play, self-expression, commitment and teamwork for youth in under-resourced communities in New York City. Through a combination of soccer, poetry and service-learning, our unique after-school program shines a spotlight on these poet-athletes, helping them develop the skills necessary to lead successful lives off the field and outside of the classroom.  

 2. Is America SCORES New York a non-profit that is focused on sports or poetry? 


It is focused on both.  ASNY takes a holistic approach to empowering poet-athletes in under resourced communities in New York City through a combination of soccer, poetry and service learning. This approach inspires our poet-athletes to lead healthy lifestyles, be committed students, and agents of change off the field and outside of the classroom.


 3. What are the intended outcomes of the ASNY mission? 


ASNY’s mission is to help its poet-athletes develop the skills necessary to lead successful lives off the field and outside of the classroom through three pillars:

  • Developing Holistic Students

    • ASNY provides an environment that truly encourages the development of both healthy minds and healthy bodies.

  • Fostering a Community Within a Community

    • ASNY creates a fun and safe community environment where students, families, teachers, volunteers and neighbors can come together to celebrate the accomplishments, talents, and passions of their student athletes. 

  • Empowering Young Leaders

    • ASNY develops young poet-athletes and instills the importance of integrity, compassion, respect, and collaboration through service-learning and teamwork. 



 4. What has ASNY been doing during lockdown?



5. Before lockdown, how many poet-athletes and volunteers are involved? 


A cornerstone of the ASNY program is teamwork, and it is evident across the entire program.  We count on many supporters and volunteers to help make ASNY a continued success.  


More specifically, ASNY serves almost 1,500 poet-athletes at a total of 25 sites:

  • 12 Elementary Schools

  • 7 Middle Schools


  • 3 High Schools

We rely on several corporate volunteer service days throughout the year and, vitally, almost 100 coaches who provide over 40,0000 hours of programming.  


 6. Why is America SCORES New York important? 


The ASNY program has helped create outstanding and healthy poet-athletes, citizens and community leaders.  They are making a difference in their communities and serving as excellent role models for their peers.  

  • From grades 3 through 7, ASNY participants perform better than non-ASNY participants.

  • Approximately 2x as many ASNY students meet state ELA standards as students that did not participate in the program.

  • Similarly, more than 2x as many ASNY student athletes achieve proficiency in their state math tests compared with the district average.

  • School attendance overall is 4% higher for ASNY program participants than the district average.

 7. What’s the difference between ASNY and the other America SCORES programs? 


The America SCORES program is divided regionally with each program catering specifically to poet-athletes and programs that will make a difference in that region.  For example, the service projects that the New York program participate in may be slightly different than the service projects that the Washington, D.C. program participates in.  All America SCORES programs are dedicated to helping poet-athletes to lead healthy lifestyles, be committed students, and agents of change off the field and outside of the classroom. 

 8. How can I make a donation to America SCORES New York? 

You can donate directly through the DONATE button at the top of the homepage. We appreciate support of all shapes and sizes. You can also encourage your companies to sponsor a corporate team for SCORES Cup, participate in a corporate service day or donate to the organization. 

9. How can I participate in America SCORES New York? 

We appreciate the support of all our volunteers and excited to welcome new teammates into our family.  If you would like to get involved in the ASNY program, please email us at NewYork@AmericaSCORES.org.