America SCORES New York serves as a driving force in promoting fair play, self-expression, commitment and teamwork for youth in under resourced communities in New York City. Through a combination of soccer, poetry and service learning, our unique after-school program shines a spotlight on these poet-athletes, helping them develop the skills necessary to lead successful lives off the field and outside the classroom.

America SCORES was started in 1994 by a public school teacher in Washington, D.C. and is now a national organization serving 15,000 students. America SCORES New York was founded in 2001 to address the absence of high-quality after-school programs for public schools in under-resourced NYC communities. Its core program called Literacy in Action provides 750 students in grades K-12 with daily soccer, poetry and service-learning workshops, complimented by weekly soccer games, summer camp, and six special events throughout the year.

We partner with urban public schools, hiring and training their teachers to coach their students in soccer, poetry and service learning five days per week after-school using our Literacy in Action curriculum:



We build soccer teams that meet three times a week in practice or in games, where they have the opportunity to develop our core values of teamwork, leadership, commitment, and sportsmanship.


Soccer teams participate in 3 hours per week of writing workshops to develop literacy skills, practice self-expression and creativity and produce original works of poetry.

We regularly bring teams and their families together for soccer games, poetry slams and service projects to celebrate student achievement and build community. 


America SCORES New York poet-athletes are stronger, smarter, happier and prepared to make a difference in their community.


 Our Partner Schools 

America SCORES New York partners with public schools in West Harlem and Washington Heights.  We are currently partnered with 17 different public schools. 


Our full-time elementary school programs are at PS 125, PS 161, PS 192, PS 173, PS 98, PS 66, PS 4, PS 249, PS 139, PS 386, and Dos Puentes and  as well as middle school programs at Hamilton Grange Middle School, PS 161, and New Design Middle School, and a Junior SCORES program at Dos Puentes, PS 125, and PS 161. 


We also have part-time elementary programs at PS 153, as well as part-time middle school programs in the Mott Hall School, MS 324, MS 363, and MS Esperanza Preparatory Academy. 


Through these partnerships, we impact over 800 students each year, ages 5-18. We have several schools on our waitlist in our core communities of Harlem and Washington Heights/Inwood. 

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 Our National Network 

 Unique Approach 










Soccer players






Our unique after-school program combines

  • Soccer

  • Poetry

  • Service-learning

Strict adherence to evaluation standards

  • Curricula connected to national regulated standards

  • High quality training

  • Pre- and post-program tests

We train public school teachers as soccer, poetry and service-learning coaches

  • Supports effectiveness of public
    school educators

  • Unique and regulated curriculum
    provided for poetry and
    service-learning sessions

  • Coaches become role models
    for students on and off the field

  • Personal development opportunity for public school educators