Student Testimonials 


As a first-time poet from our newest SCORES partner school, Jalen was selected to represent America SCORES New York in this year's National Poetry SLAM! in NYC with 13 other SCORES poet-athletes from around the country!

Here is Jalen's winning poem:

The Life of a Problem

A bully takes action against you

A victim receives the agony

The bully annoys you and

The victim is miserable

Bullies destroy victims’ lives

But we must stand up and speak up

Victims become demotivated

But we must keep fighting
To abolish bullying



Sixth-grader Jeremy found a sport that he is really comfortable with in America SCORES. He can relax and express his feelings through soccer. From what his parents wanted him to do, to pursue his own interest, Jeremy made a transition and found where his passion lies.


Karen, a 6th grader who participates in our elementary school program at PS 161, reflected on her experience with SCORES last season:


Astrid, a 5th grader and 3rd year SCORES student, unexpectedly transferred schools during the middle of last year, due to an incredibly difficult family situation. Astrid had previously won the Community Poetry SLAM in the fall, and was unable to participate in the spring season after relocating to a new neighborhood. Astrid returned to SCORES this year where she has emerged as a leader on her team found her voice through soccer. Her team is very inexperienced and struggled at the beginning of the season to come together as one. Astrid was initially frustrated with her teammates and tried to lead through yelling and discipline, but she now meets with her coach daily to brainstorm how to grow the team into a family, fostering commitment and teamwork on her squad, and how to personally lead by example. It's been awesome to watch her blossom into a leader for the other girls. SCORES has had an incredibly positive impact on her life - it's a family for her, and a safe place where she can connect with her teammates and dependable adults.