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vWhen and where is SCORES Cup?v
The 15th annual SCORES Cup will take place in October 2020. All players MUST sign the online waiver or in-person waiver before playing. The tournament is played on an artificial turf field. 

vWhat is America SCORES New York?v
America SCORES New York is a nonprofit that serves almost 1,500 underserved youth in Harlem, Washington Heights, The Bronx and Brooklyn public schools daily through a powerful and life-changing soccer, creative writing and service-learning program. 

vWhere can I find the game schedule?v
Your captain should provide you with a copy of the game schedule and we will also have it posted on our official website prior to the Cup as well as via our social media channels.

vHow many players are on the field?v
America SCORES is dedicated to supporting gender inclusivity and the rights of all soccer players. Therefore, America SCORES will respect and affirm the gender identity held by all players. To meet the tournament requirements, each 7v7 team must consist of at least two non-male outfield players at all times. Teams not meeting those requirements will play down.

vWhat is the best way to arrive via subway?v

vIs there parking available?v
Yes - an independent company operates a paid parking garage.

vWhat must the captain provide to register on the morning of SCORES Cup?v
Each captain is responsible for collecting the SCORES Cup captain’s packet and tickets for the team for food & drink, and picking a meeting spot for their team. Each player will be checking themselves in and collecting their own jersey. 

vWhat type of soccer gear should I bring?v
Participants should bring shorts, socks, shin guards, and cleats or turf shoes. 
Goalies should come prepared with gloves. 
America SCORES New York will provide team jerseys (including a goalkeeper jersey) and game balls as well as pinnies if necessary.

vWill there be food and water?v
America SCORES New York will provide one sandwich for each player. We will do our best to ensure you receive the sandwich of your choice, but it will be first come, first serve. Extras will be distributed to spectators once all players have eaten. 

America SCORES New York will provide water and Gatorade to each player. You can find drink stations around the perimeter of the arena. We still encourage participants to bring their own water bottles and snacks. 

vCan people who won’t be playing come to watch the tournament?v
Of course! The more the merrier! Family members, friends, and other co-workers are welcome to come to the Cup and after-party. 

vWhat if it rains?v
The tournament will be played rain or shine. Please prepare accordingly. In the case of inclement weather that threatens player safety, players and attendees will be required to clear the fields.

vHow often do you run the America SCORES Cup?v
There are two America SCORES Cups each year – in June and in January. To stay up to date on all the latest happenings, check out  

vHow can my colleagues that are not playing support our SCORES Cup team and America SCORES?v

Text-to-Donate - AMERICASCORESNY to 44321 


Or click here to donate online!

vI am playing in SCORES Cup, but as a guest player with another company. How can I register my company for the next SCORES Cup?v
Easy! Just email John at and we’ll get your company registered or provide you with more information.   

vWhere can I learn more about America SCORES New York and/or donate?v
Our website is, and you are welcome to donate on-site at SCORES Cup or online. 

vHow can I get involved with America SCORES New York?v
Email John at We are always looking for more dedicated volunteers, corporate service days, and support! 

All tournament logistics further tournament logistics are available here.

*Logistics subject to change. Please contact John at with any other questions.

The full rules and regulations of SCORES Cup are listed here