fThank you to our 2019 TCS NYC Marathon Team!f

fOur 2019 team!f

Kaitie Sjostedt

(pictured with Ambar and Liz of the

PS 192 girls team)

Kat Davis

(pictured with Miley, Jeannelly, Elisa, Mia, Lily and Marelyn of the PS 98 girls team)

Amanda Villela

(pictured with Program Director

Zach Gomes and some of our

Middle School poets)

Brian Rake

(pictured with some of the

Mott Hall girls team)

Shannon Schneeman

(pictured with PS 125 and

PS 173 poet-athletes)

Libby Thomas

(pictured with some of the

Dos Puentes girls team)

John Yarwood

(pictured with his wife and two children, who are ASNY poet-athletes)

David Cooper

(pictured with Mia from Mott Hall, a PS 98 alum)

It's one of the greatest days in the New York City calendar - thousands of marathon runners making their way through the five boroughs on their way to the famous finish line in Central Park. 20 of those runners will be fundraising for America SCORES New York

By running in support of America SCORES New York, the marathon team till help fund our unique soccer, poetry and service learning programming in West Harlem, Washington Heights, The Bronx and Brooklyn.

If you would like to be added to the waitlist or considered for 2020,

email John at jriordan@americascores.org

fThank you to our 2018 Runners!f