An Update for SCORES Cup 2020

In light of the ongoing situation, we have taken the decision to reschedule SCORES Cup 2020

to the weekend of August 29/30.

The safety of our players and volunteers is paramount so while we will be taking the utmost care to comply with NYC directives, we are also looking at ways we can spread the scope of the event out to help us maximize social distancing.

Equally important to us are the kids and communities we serve. They have been impacted deeply by this crisis. SCORES Cup 2020 will look very different from previous years but the mission remains vital. The cause is always more important than the event but this year that is truer than ever!

This is further exacerbated by the exhaustion of the $349bn Paycheck Protection Program which was intended to support small businesses and nonprofits through the crisis, but we and many others have been left out. Commitments from our corporate partners are more important now than ever before.

COVID-19 has temporarily taken away our access to outdoors activities but not the dedication to our poet-athletes. The team at ASNY has quickly pivoted to ensure a new virtual delivery of support to our students in a time they need it most.

Mentoring our youth, both physically and mentally, is vital now, and as we come out of quarantine, and ASNY has been eager to provide those opportunities of encouragement and engagement to our poet-athletes through the new #StayActiveASNY curriculum! Through Instagram Live soccer and poetry sessions, we've been able to reach our students at home and provide a semblance of normalcy as their coaches walk them through ways to exercise with items they have at home and to continue to express their feelings through poetry. 

Thanks as always for your time and support!

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