Middle School Poetry SLAM! 2018

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

PSMS 161 were the big winners on night one of the 15th Annual Poetry SLAM! on Thursday, November 29, held for the first time ever at PS 192 in West Harlem.

With over 30 performances, our poet-athletes from throughout West Harlem stunned the judges and the audience with their poignant performances that covered a variety of topics, from politics to nature.

Our esteemed panel of judges were just as excited and included an array of SCORES supporters! This panel (pcitured below) was made up of Christa Hill (Columbia Community Service) , Anne Toomajian (former SCORES coach), Michael Quijano (Tradeweb, event sponsors), and Brandie Maxwell (ASNY Grants Manager), with Mikaela Howell, a dedicated SCORES volunteer, tallying the scores!

Host and America SCORES NY Poetry Specialist Shanell Sharpe kicked off the show with her incredible poem, The Message, and hyped up all of our poet-athletes for their upcoming performances.

After a few words from Executive Director Shannon Schneeman and Program Director Zachary Gomes, Shanell and Program Coordinator Delmy Del Cid ran through the rules of the SLAM and, of course, the importance of fair play. Then the SLAM began!

Thank you to Luis Fonseca for being such a wonderful photographer! Check out even more photos in our Facebook album!

The first school to perform was co-ed team The Mott Hall School! They began with a handful of individual poems, as well as a group poem about the dreams they have for themselves! They displayed incredible fair play, and really started the SLAM off on an incredible note!

One Summertime Ago by Leilanie V

Diversity, Where are You? by Luna U

What I Love by Aidan R

Let's Talk About It by Dave

Sunshine and Flowers by Jeremy R

Following that amazing performance was co-ed team New Design Middle School! Their poems were thoughtful and abstract, and they performed passionately!

Untitled by Amari

I See Green Leaves by Nicholas D

Lights by Alexandra

Time by Emilio D

Untitled by Mamadou

Next up were the three teams from Hamilton Grange Middle School! First up were the 7/8th Grade boys, who impressed everyone with their flowing rhymes and excellent style!

Life by Carl

Para Mi es Futbol by Martin

703 by William

Grandma by Cody J

Hamilton Warriors

The girl's team gave an intense performance, and focused on topics that affect us all everyday!

America by Chloe A

Donald Trump & America's Reality by Yerely M

Black & Brown People by Dairy V

Her Beauty by Darianny

America, oh America by De'Nirah S

#America by Ashley A

Me...America by Janelys R

We Won't Move

Ending our show was PSMS 161, who performed poems themed around issues face by their communities!

Crime by Eliel O

Immigration by Jorge M

Immigration by Alejandro E

Crime State of Mind by Jose B

Community Crisis

ICE by Jazmin R

Our Kids are Watching by Lusiana D

13th...by Briana P

Soccer Warriors by Kyra P


While the scores were being tallied, the traditional SLAM Dance Party commenced! Our poet-athletes proved that they had skills on the soccer field, at the mic, and on the dance floor!

Finally, the winners were ready to be announced! Congratulations to all of our 2018 ASNY Middle School Poetry SLAM victors!


HGMS 6th


Waleed (PSMS 161)

Mamadou (New Design)

Pedro (PSMS 161)

Mamadou (New Design)

William M (Hamilton Grange)

Luna (Mott Hall)

Chloe (Hamilton Grange)

Darianny (Hamilton Grange)

Cody (Hamilton Grange)

Amari (New Design)


Mott Hall Girls & PSMS 161 Boys


HGMS Girls



"The SLAM was amazing!" said Shanell Sharpe.

"The poems were incredible. Our poet-athletes worked extremely hard and it showed. I was blown away by some students and I appreciate the coaches spending so much time helping them to perfect their craft. I couldn’t be a part of a better team.

Thank you America SCORES New York!"

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