Elementary School Poetry SLAM! 2018

Updated: Nov 22, 2019

On November 30th, the second night of our 15th Annual Poetry SLAM with elementary school students was held at A Phillip Randolph High School! It was our largest SLAM to date, with almost 100 poems performed by over 400 poet-athletes from throughout Harlem, Washington Heights, Brooklyn, and the Bronx.

These incredible youth impressed both judges and audiences alike with their thoughtful and colorful performances that covered topics ranging from bullying to friendship!

"The addition of our Poetry Specialist and host Shanell Sharpe amplified the quality and energy of our poetry this season and we are proud to have her as part of the ASNY family," said program director Zach Gomes.

"It was an amazing show over both nights with a great atmosphere and we have to hugely credit DJ Exeqtive and DJ Addi for providing the beats and to Jose Gonzalez for providing the art.

"Our deepest gratitude is extended to all of the coaches who make ASNY a reality and provided meaningful after school spaces for the young people in ASNY to thrive. A special thank you to the parents and families of ASNY who have welcomed us into their communities and lives.

"And finally a shout out to the young people who make ASNY amazing and who taught so much through their words in this years Poetry SLAM. Thank you!"

We had a dedicated panel of judges of that were excited to hear all of our poet-athletes! This panel was made up of Christa Stephens (ASNY Executive Board member), Bobby Bastien (America SCORES Miami alum and National Poetry SLAM participant), Rachel Klepper (former DC SCORES Writing Director), Rob Uvanovic (former ASNY Executive Director), Phil Kehoe (former ASNY AmeriCorps VISTA), Anna McCorison (Credit Suisse), and Jessica Clifton (QBE) with Mikaela Howell, a dedicated SCORES volunteer, tallying the scores!

Host and America SCORES NY Poetry Specialist Shanell Sharpe kicked off the show with her incredible poem, The Message, and hyped up all of our poet-athletes for their upcoming performances. After a few words from Executive Director Shannon Schneeman and Program Director Zachary Gomes, Shanell and Program Coordinator Delmy Del Cid ran through the rules of the SLAM and, of course, the importance of fair play. Then the SLAM began!

Thank you to Luis Fonseca for being such a wonderful photographer! Check out even more photos in our Facebook album!

PS 249 The Caton School

Boys Girls

TURTS by Jovany H Poetry & Me by Zoe S

Untitled by Jeremiah E Shine Bright Little Diamond by Fatoumata B

Untitled by Addai Anger by Serenity A

Co-Ed Group

Defining Respect

PS 66 School of Higher Expectations


What I Like About America SCORES by Alkaly K

Leadership by Daniel S


America SCORES by Kyana E

Bulling by Liliana

Co-Ed Group


Dos Puentes

Boys Girls

My World is Yours by Sebastian P Untitled by Josephine L

My Team Brave by Camila C

My Future by Valentina L


PS 192 Jacob H Schiff

Boys Girls

Untitled by Mason Untitled by Daniela V

Nature by Amelia Halloween by Ashley D

All About Me by Sahari Come Again by Liz B

Untitled The Valentinas

PS 173

Boys Girls

I Am Ikuto by Ikuto S 100% Positive by Brigitte F

I Have Feeling by Ikuto S Me by Jaeda C

I Am Devin by Devin R This is Me! by Hannah

My Feelings are Art by Devin R Super Girls!

We are Art

PS 386 School for Environmental Citizenship

Boys Girls

Me is Amazing by Joseph V Me is Me by Yoalin M

Mom by Michael S My Sister by Yohada D Untitled by Edda R Why Poem by Alexis A

Bullying Teamwork

PS 125 The Ralph Bunche School

Boys Girls

The Brutality of Police by Yuri and Danny Life Ain't Fair by Jannieya

Death Row by Sawyer and Marcus The World We Live In by Sofia

Race-ist by Dhayren and Chrishian Dominican Me by Hilary

Black Excellence by Damari, Mario, Jayden, Nature is Beautiful by Shalae B

Mirical, and Chandler Soccer Sisters

PS 161 Pedro Albizu Campos

Boys Girls

Soccer is Life by Dylan V Who I Am by Alanna M

I Love Soccer by Derek P My Sister, Wilmary by Yolianny D

Dream Team This is Me by Ameil T

We are the Panthers

PS 139

Boys Girls

Team by Eben H America SCORES by Kamellah & Shilah

Car by Joseph T Soccer by Seonna C

Untitled by Xavier T Soccer

PS 4 The Duke Ellington School

Boys Girls

Poem by Jeremy R Untitled by Ashanda R and Mia R

The Anime Life by Davon E Bengi by Jazleen C

Soccer by Angel G My Praise Poem by Allison C

Who We Are Five Seven Five

PS 153 Adam Clayton Powell

Boys Girls

If I Could Change the World by Jariel N If I Could Change the World by Nina S

If I Could Change the World by Pedro G How I Feel When I Play by Jocelyn R

Untitled by Franklin H If I Could Change the World by Jeniah M

Soccer is Heaven The Best Year of Soccer

PS 98 Shorac Kappock

Boys Girls

Commitment by Angel V Teamwork by Marelyn G

My World, Your World by Noah S Happy New Years by Kaylee C

My Magic by Rocky K Fall by Jaslene R

Work! Who Runs the World?!

After an incredible dance party, the scores were tallied and the winners were announced!

Fair Play Award

PS 125, PS 66, and PS 386

Shine Award Winners

Third Place

PS 98 Boys

Second Place

PS 161 Girls

First Place

PS 98 Girls

A huge thank you to all our coaches, parents, staff, and of course, our incredible poet-athletes for all the commitment you've put in throughout his season!

We can't wait to see what 2019 has in store!

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