Out of Many, We are One: Our 2020 Poetry Anthology

April is always a special month for America SCORES New York. Even though the poetry pillar of our curriculum ends with our winter Poetry Slam, April’s National Poetry Month gives our poet-athletes the chance to revisit their original poems from the Fall, explore new writing styles, and show appreciation for the great writers that came before them. And even though the world looked different in April 2020, the Power of Poetry persisted.

Every year, our young people have the courage to not only put their feelings and experiences into words, but to take to the stage and share them with an audience of their peers, families, and members of their community. Poetry serves many uses -- as a form of self-expression, as a form of rebellion, as a form of healing.

During these times of uncertainty, the healing power of poetry has been essential in connecting with our poet-athletes and providing them with an outlet to express the collective experience of chaos and confusion. So while we wish we could celebrate their words and emotions with hugs, high fives and the launch party they deserve, please explore the poems and passion of our poet-athletes here.

As you read this anthology, we hope you connect with our youth, albeit virtually, and find some comfort, empathy and inspiration through their words.

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