A Challenge Like No Other

Retta Abraham (RDM Partners) has been a board member at America SCORES New York for over a year now. This weekend, he will be in Southern California to take on the challenge of a lifetime to highlight his work with ASNY.

On Friday, Retta will begin a grueling challenge known as SEALFIT Kokoro. SEALFIT Kokoro is an endurance event meant to simulate the Navy SEALS "Hell Week" and is an opportunity to test physical, mental, and emotional strength. This event, held in Temecula, California, will run for 50 straight hours from Friday until Sunday. We had a chance to speak with Retta to discuss his motivations and goals for this incredible feat!

Retta Abraham (left) with ASNY Executive Director Shannon Schneeman and ASNY Board Chair Adam Freeman

at Celebration 2017. Find out how you can support Celebration 2018 here.

What inspired you to take it on?

I enjoy testing boundaries, pushing myself and exploring new limits. I once read, “Life is not a journey to the grave with the intention of arriving safely in a pretty and well-preserved body, but rather to skid in broadside, thoroughly used up, totally worn out, and loudly proclaiming: “'Wow! What a ride!'”

Through this experience, I also hope to inspire others to challenge themselves and become better versions of themselves.

Have you met anyone else who ever did it?

Upon signing up, I had not, but now have interacted with several that have completed the event. There’s a 30% completion rate. Whether I pass or not, I know I will have been pushed to my extreme limit.

What inspired you about ASNY to join our board?

Soccer was a formative experience growing up. I learned team work, leadership and gained confidence in myself. I hope to share this experience with others that may not have the same opportunity.

What do you hope to take with you into life after this challenge? I believe that after an experience like Kokoro, “regular life” will have a completely different perspective. The things that once seemed significant and mission critical I expect will have lesser importance while the things most important in life (family, community), I expect will become more important.

I also hope to bring a level of the Kokoro warrior spirit into my everyday life. Kokoro means heart and mind acting in unison. I believe that this experience will enhance and bring clarity to daily action and interaction with friends, family and community.

If I am successful, I believe that my confidence in achieving perceived insurmountable tasks will grow. I hope to share the story and inspire others. I am dedicating this experience to America SCORES NY, as the seminal reason for doing this is around becoming a better person who will then be able to better serve my family and community.

On behalf of America SCORES New York, thank you to Retta for taking on this challenge of a lifetime and good luck!

Remember— “One foot in front of the other”… for 50 hours!

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