Taking Poetry SLAM 2017 on the Road!

Poetry SLAM is definitely one of America SCORES New York's favorite events, if you couldn't already tell! Even though New York SLAM was almost two months ago, we are incredibly excited to bring some of our winners up to Boston, MA for the East Coast America SCORES Poets Banquet on Saturday February 10.

ASNY will get the opportunity to showcase some of the most impressive poems from SLAM 2017 and give our talented poet-athletes the chance to experience a new city. Until our trip to Boston, here are the performances from each elementary school to satisfy your SLAM fix!

PS 192 Jacob H. Schiff


Dad by Angel DLR

I Am by Jayden L

Grandma by Cody J

The Clock by Charlie C

Play by PS 192 Boys


I am a Girl by Chloe A

Dreams by Hennessey R

Why by Giovanni K

We Are Family by PS 192 Girls

Dos Puentes


I Am by Dos Puentes Junior SCORES


America SCORES by Landin W

Soccer Heroes by Fernando E

Neymar by Adrian G

Beautiful Soccer With America SCORES by Dos Puentes Boys


Dear Pencil by Josephine L

Nothing Can Stop My Dreams by Valentina L

All About Me by Jayla J

The Firegirls by Dos Puentes Girls

PS 125 The Ralph Bunche School Jr. SCORES

Soccer for Jerimel by Jerimel J

Soccer for Chandler by Chandler F

Soccer Brothers by Everett & Benjamin L

Soccer is Cool by PS 125 Junior SCORES


Bullying by Mario R

Basketball Soccer by Samuel M

Blue by Nize C

Mom by PS 125 Boys


The Christmas Special by Heaven R, Faith R, Justina S, Amylee H & Anya D

Christmas on a Cold Night by Sofia G & Emy P

The Difference by Hillary P & Yariah M

Snowy Day in The Park by Daphne VM

I Can by PS 125 Girls

PS 161 Pedro Albizu Campos


Music by PS 161 Junior Scores


Undefeated by Jorge M

Trains by Fareed S

Coach Nana by Cedrick R

Teamwork by PS 161 Boys


Soccer Girls by Yoliany D

My Mom by Jaylene R

My Grandma by Angelina J

Jay Jay by Ameil Thomas

If I Ruled The World by PS 161 Girls

PS 249 The Caton School


Turtles by Jovany H

Video Games by Raine L

Soccer by Timothy S.E

Game Play by PS 249 Boys


Holy Guacamole by Rachel SE

Me by McKenzie Q

Beautiful Tiger by Zoe S

Best Friends by Melisa PR & Joselin C

Days of Christmas by PS 249 Girls

PS 153 Adam Clayton Powell


Soccer by Makea D

What I Like About Soccer by Alpha D

Soccer is Rad by Samuel N

The Beautiful Game? by PS 153 Boys


The Soccer Stalker by Ashley SC

Dreaming About Soccer by Christel E

Soccer is Exciting by Alexa A

The Wolverines by PS 153 Girls

PS 004 The Duke Ellington School


School by Angel S

If I Were by Dayvian H

Soccer & Poetry by Stanley R

Thanks for Believing by PS 004 Boys


Life’s a Journey by Juliana P

Destined by Gianny A

Not Good Enough by Finesse G

Bright Future by PS 004 Girls

PS 173


Why I’m Me by Devin R

This is My Life by Christopher S

We Are by PS 173 Boys


My Playground by Esmarlin E

Kindness is Cooler by PS 173 Girls

PS 98 Shorac Kappock School


Team Gemstars by Jaslene R

My Best Day Ever by Eddie L

Vegetables vs. Candy Conversation Poem

by Miley S & Amethyst P

The Mouse by Mirian P

Fire and Ice by Tre H & David V

Our Magical World by PS 98 Girls & Boys

Thank you to all the school, principals, and coaches who participated in Poetry SLAM, as well as our incredible poet-athletes! We can't wait until our Boston trip!

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