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We are very proud of our America SCORES NY poet-athletes and their hard work both on the field and in the classroom this year. This year’s America SCORES Kicker! magazine, an annual publication of selected poetry from poet-athletes across the country, includes two original poems from our NY students, including one by Cammyla V, and another by Maria R. You can access the latest issue of Kicker! online HERE, and we’ve re-printed Maria and Cammyla’s poetry below. Great work, girls!

We Have Our Moments by Maria R., 11

We laugh and play and have fun everyday

We joke and have luck but sometimes we don’t get along

You know I love you I will never let you go

I get mad at you but I can’t hold my anger for too long

Because whenever I do I feel like I did you wrong

Because remember this, if we are a million miles away

I still feel like I’m with you

Everyday a piece of you stays in my heart,

Never forget me, I’m begging you please

If you ever need me I will be there

In a breeze

I Love Soccer by Cammyla V., 9

I love to play soccer

No one will ever be a mocker

To this amazing sport

I hope the games will never be short.

When you score a goal

It feels like you own gold

And when you win the game

And everyone hollers your name

It feels like you accomplish your mission

And you’ll really be wishin

That the next game comes soon

Even if you have to go to the moon.

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