Kicking It Forward!

Alumni practicing their skills in a quick scrimmage

Kicking it Forward is a high school program for students who were previously in America Scores. This program provides support that the students need as they navigate high school, college and into a brighter future. Kicking it Forward meets twice a week for two hours each session. The students are provided with SAT questions in preparation for college. We include a new college word each week to expand their vocabulary and word usage. They are also provided with internship opportunities from our partners and sponsors.

The goal of Kicking it Forward is to create a safe environment where students can learn and prepare for the future, while connecting with one another. Kicking it Forward is comprised of America Scores alumni along with their family and friends who share a love of soccer! This program encourages America SCORES alumni to continue to pursue an active and healthy lifestyle. The coaches aim to build students' self-esteem and self-confidence by encouraging their growth as soccer players, students, teammates and healthy productive members of their communities.

In the spring, Kicking it Forward plans to have a tournament celebrating the students commitment to the program. Thus, we decided that it would be best to include our student-athletes with all the decision making that comes with preparing such a huge event as a way of showing them how important they are to us. We hope to continue to grow, and we are building the platform to do just that with the help of our alumni - the founding members of our program. We are certain that it is possible!

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