Leaf-ing Summer Behind!

So, midway through the season, I am happy to report that America SCORES is doing amazing. The kids had their first game day a few weeks ago, and it is so cool to see how much they have improved. It was hard making sure that all of the kids that needed to be in SCORES were registered. But, with the hard work and cooperation of some awesome coaches and administrators, we had full rosters in time for the first game day.

I really didn’t expect to see such high numbers on the girls side of the program, but it has grown so much from last year. Returning girls are helping recruit new students to be a part of SCORES, and the program is getting stronger and stronger. Some of our summer camp students, Mondae G. and Evelyn A. played each other last gameday! They both played a great game, and it is awesome to see how much they have improved over the course of the fall.

I’m working a lot with the Hamilton Grange Middle School Girl’s team, since they play in a Saturday league in the South Bronx as well. Katerina, Shannon, and I have had a lot of fun bringing them to the Saturday games. It sometimes gets pretty intense, but it is nice to see them so involved in soccer.

I’m running the marathon for SCORES on November 1st. I have been training, but am super nervous! It will be my first race ever. I couldn’t be doing it for a better cause though: SCORES staff and kids keep me moving forward, for sure :)

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