Jacqueline, Mott Hall 

In the summer of 2015, Jacqueline aka 'Jackie', then aged 8, and her sister Evelyn attended an America SCORES New York soccer camp. The pair were then accepted that August to a soccer clinic offered by US Women's National Soccer team star Heather O'Reilly in Brooklyn. Since meeting and learning from the Olympic and World champion, Jackie has never looked back!


Back then she was brand new to soccer and subsequently joined our PS 153 girls team. These days, she plays on one of our middle school teams at Mott Hall. Jackie is better known to her team as "La Pulga Bionica", as they refer to Messi, and for good reason.


Coach Jimenez, who mentors the Mott Hall girls team, considers it an honor to have her on his team because, in spite of her small stature, she is a giant among her teammates.



Her experience at the Heather O'Reilly clinic encouraged her tremendously and gave her the confidence to lead her team. 

Jackie embodies the spirit of America SCORES. She leads by example, she is committed to her growth as a player, her teammates, her family and her school work. She puts team before herself and was selected as captain despite being one of the youngest players as a 6th grader on a 6th-8th grade team. Jackie has learned a lot and continues to do so because her humility and eagerness have made her into a great leader and a great student. 

Just recently, Jackie was recognized by New York State Senator Brian A Benjamin for her artwork commemorating Earth Day. More info here!

Thank you for inspiring us Jackie!

Jackie (pictured above middle in orange) representing PS 153 at Jamboree 2018

Jackie (pictured above right) with US Women's National Team star Heather O'Reilly and her sister Evelyn at a soccer clinic in Brooklyn in 2015

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