Our Impact 

We are uniquely positioned to support youth from New York City communities by building a strong social-emotional foundation and taking that a step further to promote social justice and racial equity.


3 boroughs

1,500 youth directly + 10,000 secondary

103 coaches

400 soccer games

3,000 poems written

20 schools + 18 community partners

Over 20 schools on our wait list

100 community events

40 youth-led projects


We build soccer teams that meet three times a week in practice or in games, where they have the opportunity to develop our core values of teamwork, leadership, commitment, and fairplay.


Soccer teams participate in 3 hours per week of writing workshops to develop literacy skills, practice self-expression and creativity and produce original works of poetry.


We regularly bring teams and their families together for soccer games, poetry slams and service projects to celebrate student achievement and build community. 


America SCORES New York poet-athletes are stronger, smarter, happier and prepared to make a difference in their community.


of participants improved their physical fitness running test scores

Our poet-athletes were found to be 


more proficient in ELA test scores than their non-ASNY peers

 ASNY partner schools completed over


community service learning projects


of young people surveyed by ASNY experienced 

"success" by maintaining or advancing in all SEL measures

Our youth make strides in...


of young people who pre-surveyed as "lower asset" or within the "emerging" category for positive academic self-efficacy made gains. 76% of young people increased within the academic self-efficacy measures.

Social Emotional Learning (SEL)


of young people who pre-surveyed as "lower asset" or within the "emerging" category for contribution

made gains.

Higher than partner programs!


Social Capital

of young people surveyed within the ASNY program identified as high asset within the social capital category. In post survey, 75% of the 10% who were considered emerging in this category had made gains.


SEL data was collected from 8 schools within the ASNY core program. 5 core Elementary Schools and 3 core Middle Schools. These schools represented all 3 borough’s ASNY program operate in (Manhattan, Bronx and Brooklyn). 90 pre and post surveys were matched. The sample size from this year gives ASNY a 90% confidence level with an 8% margin of error.

He feels like he is part of something bigger... He’s competitive but hates to lose, this taught him it's okay to lose sometimes.
- Parent of ASNY participant

Alumni Profile: Coach Chris


"Being a part of America SCORES impacted me because there are traits

that you learn - teamwork, building commitment skills, leadership -

these are traits you carry with you through life."

fWhat does America SCORES  fmean to our poet-athletes?f