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Abel A

Age: 19 | Harlem

Karla A

Age: 16 | Bronx

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Roovens C

Age: 18 | Bronx

Roshely C

Age: 16 | Bronx

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Mohamed C

Age: 20 | Bronx

Ayanna C

Age: 17 | Bronx

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Kimberly L

Age: 16 | Harlem

Christian M

Age: 18 | Washington Heights

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Erick M

Age: 20 | Harlem

Emmanuel O

Age: 17 | Bronx

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Age: 20 | Harlem

Juan O

Eve P

Age: 17 | Manhattan

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Age: 16 | Washington Heights

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Richard R

Age: 16 | Bronx

Yasmine S

Age: 19 | Queens

Andrew S

Age: 16 | Washington Heights

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Maria S

Age: 20 | Harlem

Emmanuel V

Age: 18 | Harlem

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Have you ever wanted to be a part of something innovative for the first time?  Coaching for Change Academy powered by Nike is the first of its kind!


20 New York City aspiring youth coaches will be a part of history as we lay the building blocks and foundation for youth engagement.

This is a paid professional development and mentoring academy for aspiring New York City youth coaches 16-21 years old. Youth coaches will build mentoring relationships, explore self through healing-centered engagement, learn to coach and navigate in digital spaces, develop professional skills, and make a difference in their communities.


This will be a year-long professional development and mentoring journey in which you will: 


  • Build peer to peer relationships

  • Experience an introduction to digital coaching with digital coaching tools

  • Explore healing-centered engagement practices

  • Grasp concepts of sports through a guest speaker series

  • Foster adult-youth partnerships by receiving one-on-one mentoring from ASNY seasoned coaches and program staff 

  • Earn certifications in coaching and related subjects

As aspiring youth coaches navigate through this academy virtually (for the first half),

each professional development and coaching task will be paid. We are hopeful in creating a safe and supported space for New York City aspiring youth coaches to feel confident to navigate digital and in-person coaching.