Our Mission

America SCORES New York seeks to create equitable opportunities for young people to experience sport, express themselves and inspire positive change off the field and outside the classroom. Using a social justice youth development framework, we emphasize racial equity,

fair play, teamwork and youth voice as key drivers of building a better, more equitable New York City.

America SCORES was started in 1994 in Washington, DC by public school teacher Julie Kennedy, who noticed that her students had limited access to after-school activities. Ms Kennedy realized that the combination of two seemingly unrelated activities, poetry and soccer, complemented each other through mutual involvement in public performance, self-expression, and group support. The relationships that developed through teamwork and leadership on the soccer field translated to peer support in poetry workshops. The skills later allowed these poet-athletes to act as agents of change within their community through a variety of service-learning projects. The program quickly expanded throughout DC and, in 2001, Kennedy launched sites in New York City. Today, America SCORES has a presence in 11 cities across the US and Canada: Bay Area, Chicago, Cleveland,Los Angeles, Milwaukee, Boston, New York, Seattle, Vancouver, St. Louis, and Washington, DC.

Our History