America SCORES New York serves as a driving force in promoting

fair play, .self-expression, commitment and teamwork

for youth in under resourced communities in New York City


Through a combination of soccer, poetry and service learning,

our unique after-school program shines a spotlight on these

poet-athletes, helping them develop the skills necessary to lead

successful lives off the field and outside the classroom.

We partner with  urban public schools,

hiring and training their teachers to coach their students in soccer, poetry and service learning five days per week after-school using our Literacy in Action curriculum.


America SCORES New York partners with public schools in West Harlem, Brooklyn, the Bronx, Inwood, and Washington Heights. 


PS 125 The Ralphe Bunche School

PS 153 Adam Clayton Powell

PSMS 161 Pedro Albizu Campos

PS 192 Jacob H Schiff

New Design Middle School

The Mott Hall School

Hamilton Grange Middle School


PS 98 Shorac Kappock

The Bronx

PS 66 School of Higher Expectations

PS 382 Elementary School for Math, Science,

and Technology

PS 386 School for Environmental Citizenship

MS 218 Whedco

MS 363 The Academy for Personal Leadership

and Excellence (Part-time)

Washington Heights

PS 04 The Duke Ellington School

PS 173

Dos Puentes Elementary

MS 322 The Renaissance Leadership Academy (Part-time)

MS 324 Patria Mirabal School (Part-time)


PS 139 Alexine A Fenty

PS 249 The Caton School

PS 375 The Jackie Robinson School (Part-time)

IS 95 The Gravesend School (Part-time)

IS 104 The Fort Hamilton School (Part-time)

IS 121 Nelson A. Rockefeller (Part-time)

MS 443 New Voices School of Academic and Creative Arts (Part-time)

 Our National Network