What is the ASNY vision?

"America SCORES New York aims to be NYC's leader in social justice youth development

through sport, self-expression, and community"

By 2030, America SCORES New York wants to be one of the leading organizations for social change in NYC.

We will continue to utilize our platforms of sports, poetry, and service-learning, coupled with our focus on

Social Justice Youth Development (SJYD)  to achieve that goal.

How can we achieve the vision?

To ensure that we are driving towards meeting our vision in 2030, we will focus on:


How does this fit within the ASNY model?

Why is ASNY best positioned for this?



As a youth development organization operating in New York City, America SCORES New York recognizes its responsibility to act as an organization that stands against all forms of oppression. America SCORES New York works with students, communities, and families who have been historically deprived of the opportunity to prosper because of their race. It is our responsibility to do what we can to break this cycle of injustice. 

How does this fit within the ASNY model?

This plan will allow America SCORES New York to focus on the things we should be doing to ensure

a substantial amount of social impact by 2030.

Our already existing unique approach has provided us multiple avenues of opportunity with our young people and has allowed us to fit into the framework of SJYD.


  • Youth sports often reinforce negative stereotypes and behaviors. By defining success within sport to be a representation of teamwork, leadership, commitment and community, ASNY intentionally counteracts such thinking and builds thoughtful leaders of tomorrow.

  • ASNY's FairPlay system intentionally uses soccer as a space where young people can discuss and think critically about the ideas of teamwork, leadership, commitment, and community.


  • Young people are given a space to explore their identity, express their authentic selves, build self-confidence, develop strong peer connections and adult relationships.

  • Written and spoken word give young people a space to think critically about the world and provides a vehicle for imagining a more just future for all people.

Service Learning (SL)

  • Through SL, young people and adults join in genuine partnership; sharing power and acting together to make change in their communities, putting their poetry into action.

  • SL builds on the framework of positive youth development and views young people as contributing members of society capable of making real change, rather than "at-risk"

What is the long-term vision?


  • Direct Impact: 1,300

  • Indirect Impact: 10,000

  • Schools per Year: 20

  • Number of Soccer Games: 400

  • Coaches: 80

  • Poems Produced: 3,600

  • Number of Service Projects: 20

In 2030

  • Direct Impact: 3,000

  • Indirect Impact: 25,000

  • Schools per Year: 50

  • Number of Soccer Games: 750

  • Coaches: 400

  • Poems Produced: 9,000

  • Number of Service Projects: 50

Throughout the next 10 years

  • Direct Impact: 15,000

  • Indirect Impact: 150,000

  • Schools per Year: 50

  • Number of Soccer Games: 4,000

  • Coaches: 400

  • Poems Produced: 60,000

  • Number of Service Projects: 350

To learn more about our journey to 2030, check out our post here!